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  2. Great download! Keep it coming brotha!
  3. Diaz

    Teapot live

    Your token time has expired, if you get lucky and see this you can catch us in Free Mode now!
  4. Another great download! Keep it up with the good stuff!
  5. Diaz

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Download!

    No, if your running off a homebrew console such as a JTAG or RGH you will be able to play it for free, just have to now how to install it if you have trouble you can easily find a video on YouTube ?
  6. Diaz

    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Download!

    Great download!
  7. Diaz

    Call of Duty: Ghosts - Download!

    Nice download! Some people will get big use out of this!
  8. Hello fellow Tea-potters I am Diaz! I am very excited to see what this forum brings over time, and I will be here to see changes come as they happen! I am familiar with the sites setup and can definitely be a huge help to people even though I'm "new" here. I look forward to seeing you all around! Diaz out.
  9. Diaz

    Bo2 Offhost Update

    Changing the way to open the menu most likely wont happen, I cant guarantee im right but most XBLS engine are opened with LT and DPAD Left, just how it usually its it makes it quite simple as well. Rapid fire without a controller is a Host only option so its impossible, and party chat in S&D is a Game Server setting which wouldn't be able to be manipulated with.
  10. Diaz

    Hi I'm XV Mods

    Welcome! A moderator as well too! That's awesome congrats!
  11. Diaz

    Hi im Shadows

    Welcome to the Forums Shadows! If you have any questions please Pm me! Good luck on Live Streaming as well!
  12. Diaz

    Who am I? [Aria EXPOSED!]

    Welcome to the Forums Aria!!! ?
  13. Diaz

    it's yer boi Nitro

    Welcome to the Forums! If you have any questions please feel free to PM me!
  14. Diaz


    Welcome to the Forums SonUvaGunna! BTW I like the name!
  15. Diaz

    Hola amigos!

    Welcome to the Forums Dread!
  16. Diaz

    It’s Treats here

    Welcome to the forums Treats!
  17. Diaz


    Thanks for joining us at Teapot! I hope to see you around!
  18. Diaz


    Welcome to the Forums! If you need any help please feel free to PM me!
  19. Diaz

    Destiny bypass

    Don't they make bypass tools that you can launch via PC?
  20. Diaz

    COD4 & WAW Engine

    This server is great, uptime is incredible, Spoofing is fantastic I can tell from personal use KVs last longer than a month easily, but I think in my opinion I'm sure other people can vouch for me as well.. It would be awesome if you guys were able to add a COD4 and WAW Engine like you do for the other cods as well, it would complete the server.. Also this may be a lot but a GTA Mod Menu installed on the server ?
  21. Diaz

    Thank you for the Free Mode!

    Thank you for the Free Mode! I appreciate what you guys have done here, this service is just as good if not better than XBLS.Ninja .. You guys have the COD Engines which I love! Keep it coming guys take it over 2019!
  22. DaVibesVirus

    Destiny bypass

    i might have a stand alone bypass.. just dont have the game and havnt tested it yet... might have to stop by game stop and ripped the game. then return it back to game stop. lol..then i can test the bypass i have
  23. XV Mods


    Welcome ?
  24. Exam


    Hey guys, I just joined this forum, I hope to see people active here :)
  25. Exam

    BO2 Permanent Ghost Camo Tool

    Will defiantly give this a go.
  26. Shadows


    Big hacks right here ?
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