Soon to be added -
All COD Engine (Currently supported - MW2, MW3, BO2, BO1, Ghosts, Advanced Warfare)
All COD Bypass (Currently supported - BO2, Ghosts, Advanced Warfare)

Quick log, more will be added, and this will be the main source for updates.

10/9/2018 - Modern Warfare 3 - Engine Updated - TU24!
8/3/2018 - MSP Spoofing enabled!
3/26/2018 - Custom hud has been improved: fixed missing battery and controller and added a custom dash load spinner!
2/23/2018 - Engine downloading optimized. This should sort most random engine load failures over the network.
1/14/2018 - KV Life Log bug fixed. KVs booted after the 11th will be reset unfortunately.
10/15/2017 - Added support for KV CPU in txt format (CPUKey.txt) - Remove your existing CPUKey.bin and replace with your hassle free CPUKey.txt to use this feature
10/7/2017 - Worked out some bugs causing device bans on bo2
7/25/2017 - Migrated the server to an improved host to sort out engine load failure and other network bugs.
7/21/2017 - Game chat problems on COD have all been sorted!
6/10/2017 - Resolved problem with bypass that caused interference with game chat on Bo2, Ghosts & AW.
6/6/2017 - Corrected some bugs with COD Bypasses, as well as added a GTA V bypass.
5/16/2017 - Added Teapot Engine support for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.
5/16/2017 - Added Teapot Engine support for Call of Duty Ghosts.
5/6/2017 - If you get "An unknown error has occurred! please try again" while trying to register, then redownload the client xex from the website.
4/26/2017 - Optimized networking and load balancing, and ruled out some minor bugs with rollover timeout.
4/26/2017 - Improved error handling for XOS and HV challenge, and ruled out some networking bugs
4/24/2017 - Fixed freezing at logo when there is no connected ethernet link (Wifi Adapter / Ethernet Wire)
4/19/2017 - MW3 Engine added to the server
4/18/2017 - Improved Homebrew title spoofing.
4/16/2017 - Fixed Bo2 backwards Nosway, as well as a bug with ground war.
4/12/2017 - Added offline dashboard support - You can now load up dashboard while unable to connect to TeapotLive
4/12/2017 - Added 100% Bo2 challenge spoofing and Anti Probation.
4/12/2017 - Fixed crashing problem while loading dashboard from a Bo2 match.